Client: Mil Oil Hellas SA
Technology: Under Construction
Project Description:

Feasibility study and Construction of a 3 MWe Biomass electricity plant

Biomax is an energy system which transforms organic biomass into electricity and thermal energy simultaneously. In addition, cooling energy is also an available option. It is a TURNKEY system based on the HIGHLY EFFICIENT principles of cogeneration and trigeneration, and is suitable for farms, cooperatives, agri-food industries, municipalities, etc. – any setting where there is plenty of organic waste or residues.

Client: Karagiorgos Cotton Industry
Year: Under Construction
Project: BIODIESEL CTP / Biomass to Bio-fuel

Biodiesel CTP is a compact system which transforms vegetable oil into Biodiesel. It is a containerized (PLUG & PLAY) plant which integrates all the necessary equipment for the process. It is also available as a TURNKEY solution, including peripheral cooling and heating equipment, storage tanks – for the raw materials, residual products and for the biodiesel itself, together with all interconnections. The high efficiency of the system is achieved through its ad-hoc engineering design and the multiple recovery points of the production process residues..