Client: Greenhouse Agritex Energy SA, Alexandreia Imathias
Technology: Greenhouse project
Year: 2009

Project description
Energy consultant during design, installation, commissioning and operation of 4.8 MWe Combined Heat & Power system and 10 hectare greenhouse.

Client: Hotel Astoria, Thessaloniki
Technology: Energy efficiency
Year: 2009

Project description

  • Design of 70kWe Combined Cooling,
  • Heat & Power unit
  • Design of central thermal – cooling system
  • Design of internal natural gas distribution system

Client: Hospital Central Public Hospital Papageorgiou
Technology: Combined Cooling Heat & Power
Year: 2015

Project description
Engineering study, Tender & Acceptance Tests of a 1.6 MWe Combined Cooling Heat & Power unit.

Τhe project was funded by