We implemented the largest solar cooling project in Europe.

The first solar thermal cooling application in the hospital sector allowed us to expand our technical solutions to innovative technologies. Through our solar cooling projects we demonstrated our strategic ability & flexibility and we are considered pioneers.

ECC engineers have a long and successful course helping customers develop reliable and efficient solar thermal (CSP) projects and large scale interconnected photovoltaics (PV).

We provide a full range of technical and commercial consulting services in all areas of management, security and technical support from project evaluation, development and delivery of the project.

In the field of solar energy, the following are included:

  • Solar cooling
  • Solar thermal energy
  • Technology of exploitation
  • Power generation
  • Networking and distribution
  • Connecting to a combined cycle gas turbine unit


  • Feasibility studies
  • Construction and operation
  • Energy and radiation performance studies

Our ECC team includes experts with expertise in solar collection technologies, performance analysis, thermal energy cycles, power transmission, environmental impact assessment, policy, regulation and commercial evaluation

Engineering field:

  • Mechanical Engineering Services
  • Design and construction of heating systems
  • Design and construction of ventilation systems
  • Design and manufacture of central air conditioning and cooling systems